The Palio di Siena and the Contradas

Often described as “the race of the soul,” the Palio is life

Often described as “the race of the soul,” il palio of Siena is life. The very incarnation of Sienese tradition, the Palio of Siena is this and much more.  For centuries now, the Palio has been run twice each summer, yet it is alive the whole year round in the thoughts and utterances of the people of Siena.  Did you know that each city district(known as a contrada) has its own territory, its own museum, its own church, its own identity?  The Palio di Siena Tour will let you discover this astounding spectacle in depth as you visit a contrada, watch your children play with i barberi—the handpainted wooden balls local children use to represent the real horses of the race.  And if you’re in the mood, come and have dinner with the contradaioli—actual contrada members themselves.